While James Bond is busy fighting supervillains, another hero is working in the shadows. He is a common man like many others. What sets him apart from the crowd though is the love he has for his city, i.e. Bhopal. The only thing Baba loves more than his city is some good quality fish. You should know that Baba has been living in the city for a long time. He knows the weekly and biweekly haaths and those stinking roadside fish stalls far too well. In his bid to help all the fish lovers of Bhopal to get unparalleled quality of fish right at their doorstep, he has made an app along with a website. From sea to freshwater all fishes are procured and cleaned adhering to hygiene standards that are setting an all-new benchmark in the city. Baba has reinvented your fish buying experience, so what are you waiting for?